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At Whoyou Creative, we offer the full spectrum of possibilities. Our services include Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Packaging, Print Production, Digital Media, Signage, Web Design and Social Media.

We’re dedicated to producing the highest quality solutions, no matter what the project scale, and pride ourselves on the vast expertise and insights we share with our clients. When you work with the team at Whoyou, you’re treated like a friend and every decision we make is purposefully made to be beneficial and effective. We help express who you are to the world.

Graphic Design


As a creative studio, we’re committed to innovative, high quality graphic design. Our design team specializes in a wide variety of services to suit any business or project. From producing noticeable promotional material to noteworthy stationary, we specialise in logos, iconography, illustration, photography and typography to create outstanding visual solutions. With detail-orientated typesetting and layout composition skills, paired with our expert print production knowledge, we produce memorable books and boutique invitations. We also creatively direct and project manage to bring big ideas to life.

Creative Direction  |  Editorial Design  |  Logos and Iconography  |  Illustration  |  Invitations, including Custom Wedding Sets  |  Promotional, Material including Brochures, Booklets, Posters  |  Photography  |  Stationary, including Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Folders  |  Typography

Brand Identity


A brand identity is all about expressing who you are. A business will perform at it’s strongest with a clear visual identity that communicates the energy and essence of a brand. Working strategically to define the qualities and unique ‘voice’, we develop stunning visual brands without sacrificing function. Equip with a wealth of knowledge and experience of creative and print technologies, we unlock the potential of your brand to make it a reality.

Copywriting, Content Creation and Positioning Statements  |  Naming, Domain Registration and Trademarking  |  Logo Development and Brand Identity  |  Brand Style Guidelines  |  Rebranding and Brand Refresh



Great packaging can be the difference between whether someone buys your product or your competitors. Create memorable brands through product packaging, using embellishments such as embossing, foil stamping and spot varnishes. Our quality is always the highest, no matter what the scale of a project, from five to 5,000 copies or even just a prototype. We also specialize in creative and elegant gift boxes, including printed ribbons and luxurious cloth binding.

Embellishments, including Embossing, Foil Stamping and Spot Varnishes  |  Gift Boxes  |  Short or Large Production Runs  |  Prototypes  |  Structural Design  |  Die Cutting

Print Production


We’re passionate about all things print. One of our highlights is printing dozens of books, including showcasing family histories, celebrating Australian culture, and promoting local businesses. We pride ourselves on the quality and our vast body of knowledge relating to printing production. We know how to elevate print design to create an experience, whether it be adding elegant embellishments such as embossing, foil stamping and spot varnishes or simply choosing the right paper stock. We specialize in digital and offset printing, as well as having the facilities to support wide format and letterpress printing. If it can be printed, we can do it.

Book Binding, including Softcover, Hardcover and Cloth Binding  |  Embellishments, including Embossing, Foil Stamping and Spot Varnishes  |  Geaneology Books  |  Digital and Offset Printing  |  Specialty Printing, including Wide Format and Letterpress

Digital Media


With brighter colours and motion image, digital billboards open a world of opportunities to creatively express who you are. Utilizing our high exposure location on Port Road, we have a vibrant large scale platform to display your messages on. It’s the most flexible advertising medium, giving you the freedom to showcase multiple messages and update them instantaneously. Use our platform for your ad or our design team can create an captivating campaign. We also offer these screens to businesses, including installation and starting artwork. They’re perfect to display your information in an engaging, unforgettable way.

Digital Advertising  |  High exposure Digital Billboard on our premises  |  Advertisement Campaigns  |  Television Screen Sale  |  Signage



Let the world know who you are through bold and dynamic signage. One of the most effective ways of improving brand awareness and establishing a professional presence, we have expertise in a multitude of signage formats that can best communicate your messages. Brighten up the night with lightboxes, capture attention on the go with vehicle graphics or stand out with 3D lettering. With our accurate and versatile CNC Router, we can cut and engrave a variety of materials to produce eye catching signage and decorations. Unlike other studios, we manufacture and offer installation, ensuring the creative vision is matched precisely.

Banners, Billboards and Flags  |  CNC Router  |  Exhibition Design  |  Floor, Wall and Window Graphics  |  Installation and Manufacturing  |  Lightboxes  |  Retail Shop Signage  |  Safety Signs and Wayfinding  |  Vehicle Decals  |  3D Signs and Lettering

Web Design


Technology is at the heart of the world we live in, so making a web presence for any business is essential. The best designs may look simple, but are often a result of in-depth, targeted planning. With user-experience as our focus, we make all the considerations including imagery, text, responsive layout and search engine optimizations (SEO). But the journey doesn’t end there: with email newsletter marketing you can connect with users in a unique way. Whether you’re a small business or launching an online shop, your experience should be seamless and smart.

Copywriting and Content Creation for Web  |  Email Newsletter Marketing  |  Online Shopping and Order Forms  |  Email and Web Hosting  |  Responsive Web Design  |  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media


It’s impossible to escape social media, and for good reason! These platforms connect us in a way that was never possible a decade ago and are changing the landscape of the way businesses and brands operate. Having a social media presence is essential, and we help guide you on a variety of issues, including which platform is right for your audience and what content to post to build a engaged community. We understand the biggest social media platforms for business, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Yelp. Whether it’s full creative control or strategy meetings, our team is ready to boost your online presence.

Audit and Social Media Analysis  |  Content Creation  |  Copywriting  |  Hashtaging, Tagging and Linking  |  Logo Design for Social Media  |  Strategy and Direction  |  Management and Anayltic Reports



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